Okyrhoe (asteroid 52872) in astrology

One of the many interesting newcomers in astrology concerns asteroid 52872 or OKYRHOE of the Centaur-class. Okyrhoe’s meaning in a chart can be summarized with: acceleration in general; psychosynthesis in order to handle expansive career processes and harmonize them with the private life; to raise things, to reveal, uncover things, while this is not appreciated by everyone. 


Ocyrhoë Okyrhoe in astrology

Ocyrhoë (Okyrhoe) predicts the fate of Chiron and Asclepius – Willem van Mieris 1684 – 1747


Okyrhoe was automatically discovered on September 19, 1998 by SPACEWatch and measures 36 km in diameter. Okyrhoe means running or fast-flowing . The mythical Okyrhoe was the daughter of the centaur Chiron and the water nymph Chariklo. She had prophetic gifts and predicted the future of Aesculapius when he was a baby.



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She also revealed issues which the gods would have rather kept secret, for which she was punished by turning her into a mare. Okyrhoe was discovered in conjunction with the star 51 Pegassi in the constellation Pegasus, the flying horse of Bellerophon, at 24°35 Pisces opposition her discovery-Sun at 26°08 Virgo. Like all celestial bodies found with their own discovery position in the sign opposite to the sign in which their discovery-Sun is placed Okyrhoe is gifted with a strong ambition eager to assert its talents publicly. We see this demonstrated in Eris, Bienor, Typhon, Circe and many more newcomers.

In case of strong oppositions within 1 degree (like Bienor) or just 2 degrees the urge to reach the top is very dominant, which however does not mean per se that the energy expresses itself in a Saturn or Pluto-like endeavor for status or power. Yet, there is always a desire to come into the limelight, or to step into the Sun-light, as it were.


Okyrhoe’s complex core

However in the case of Okyrhoe all becomes a bit more complex as its Sun is in the fourth the house, the house that rules our private life. Okyrhoe is conjunct Gorgo ( relationship crisis ) / 1999 TC36 (metaphysics and to summarize complexities in simple terms ) / Jupiter (expansion) in Pisces, where Jupiter is strong, yet distorted in conjunction with 2003 WL7 (abrupt, explosive). The Sun is conjunct Amun ( ambition ) / Lachesis (stop a process) / 2001 FL 1994 ( Plutonian intensity ) and Thisbe ( suicidality ). Sun and Okyrhoe make sextiles and trines to the axis 2nd house 8th house from a complex 4th house – 10th house entanglement.

Another striking feature in the discovery chart of Okyrhoe is that Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Leo, both making very narrow aspects with a whole series of Centaurs and Plutinos, by which they are therefore stimulated strongly, while positioned in a rough halfsextiel. This results in a situation wherein the nourishing aspects to Mercury act as the hard aspects to Mars and vice versa. In plain English: this gives much dissonance between thought and action.

As all Centaurs more or less emit some kind of dissonance, this conflict between thought and action distinguishes Okyrhoe in this aspect. The North nodes are conjunct, but one is in Virgo and the other in Leo; yet together they are in the third house. Thus Okyrhoe’s destiny, within all this complexity is to shine through excellent communication and research. Moon in Virgo conjunct Echeclus underlines the communication element.


Okyrhoe’s main features

The interpretation then points to: the balancing of ambition/career/aspirations with the home environment/the private life; to create and stabilize financial means; a sudden change of the course of life through a relationship crisis; a striving towards clarity and the concrete from states that are vague, woolly or passive; a sudden acceleration of the expansion drive beginning with a kind of popping entrant (like writing a successful debut by which your career gets a major boost); the need to create an enduring synergy between doing and thinking and regular setbacks as long as this synergy has not yet been realized; to become aware of obstructive thought and do-patters; to gain or lose one’s popularity; the risk of the loss of one’s family or home or financial basis and the need for psycho-synthesis (classic Virgo affliction problem).

Finally Okyrhoe points at the risk of nervous breakdowns and intestinal problems or foot problems when a given project gets this big or evolves this fast that one loses control over it. Then the usual scenario is that the project is halted due to health reasons, third parties, or financial setbacks, and even bankruptcy is possible.

Psychosynthesis and keeping the balance between private needs and career demands are important things in case of Okyrhoe. A tough Centaur to curb, but, once understood, an uplifting force and robust motor. The Neptune square to Black Moon in the discovery chart indicates purge processes concerning the visionary aspect of Okyrhoe, which, as will be clear now, parallel the main lesson to be learned from this centaur.

In a weak and negative chart Okyrhoes’ lessons are not learned, and always the others or the situations are blamed for one’s own time consuming and costly failures. And again, without seat-belts, one goes for another roller-coaster ride until the speedy forces invoked will catapult someone directly into the blue. Okyrhoe can be especially problematic in Fire and Air signs, because there is already a lot more acceleration than in Water and Earth, unless . The orbital period is 24 years and 108 days.



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