Albion – Builder of bridges between two worlds

The astrological meaning of asteroid 15760 Albion (1992 QB1): emancipation, building bridges between social groups or different times, forming substantial new connections which catalyse major Zeitgeist-changes

Albion by Willam Blake. The name Albion was given to 1992 QB1

Albion by Willam Blake

Albion measures 167 km in diameter and was discovered on August 30, 1992, by David C. Jewitt and Jane X. Luu. It was the first TNO, discovered since the discovery of Pluto and first named 1992 QB1. The term Cubewano is the phonetic derivate (QB1) of this first object of this new class of asteroids and dwarf planets called the Classical Kuiper-belt Objects.  In 2018 it was renamed Albion after William Blake’s version of the mythical Adam Kadmon. In the creation mythology of Blake (1757-1827), Albion is the island-dwelling primordial man who divided himself into the four Zoas (Urthona, Urizen, Luvah and Tharmas), each representing important aspects of human character.


World wide web milestones

1992 QB1 aka Albion was discovered in the same year the first photograph was put was placed the World Wide Web, the same year the first www-server was activated outside of Europe, and the same year in which Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups were launched. Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has Albion conjunct Damocles / 2002 VE95 (abrupt major change, expressing itself creatively and or addictive) in Aquarius, the sign that pushes boundaries, loves high-tech and everything new, especially in connection with groups of people and the creation of new interest groups.


Albion and Gay emancipation

In the horoscope of the Dutch homosexual stage artist Robert Long and in the foundation-horoscope of the COC (Dutch organization for the emancipation of homosexuals), as well, Albion is conjunct 1998 WW24 (Liberation, autonomy and self-empowerment). Ellen DeGeneris, who, as a lesbian tv-celebrity, is a strong contributor to the social acceptance of gays in the USA has Albion in conjunction Snow White (groups, group consciousness). Martin Luther King had Albion conjunct Psyche (animation); sextile Chaos (chaos, the healing of something) and Uranus (perpendicular to the status quo) and Cyllarus (racism). He held his weak spot in his relations with women (square Cassanova).



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Introducing a new astrological era

Albion introduced a new era for astrology. From the very instant of its discovery, we notice an unstoppable wave of new astronomical discoveries and the astrological challenge to research the meaning of thousands of newcomers in the personal and mundane horoscope. This TNO is able to adopt a firm stand within any emancipation process, that is already going on for a while, and, operating with some sort of gravitational force, it pushes the emancipation process forward, beyond its rusty boundaries, into a new social or technological mode of reality.  Albion thus seems to connect the end of one era to the kickoff of a new one. Much like Uranus, but more with a steady Plutonic transformation-force than Uranian rebellion. The transition from the pre-Internet period and the Internet Age is one of the best examples, next to gay-rights, the end of official racism and the latest paradigm shift in astrology.


Its deepest essence

In its deepest essence this Cubewano intermediates in the ongoing metaphysical clash  between Anrta (techne, individualism) and Rta (natural laws and natural, divine creation): the class between the inorganic with the organic, when describing the same process with Carlos Castaneda in mind. It does so indifferent regarding good and evil.

Transhumanism-champion Richard Dawkins for example has this TNO conjunct Pholus / Silly / Lugh / SB 1993/1998 WW24; square Varuṇa / Hylonome / Sedna; Opposition Utopia. There is also a weak connection of Albion with the occult and techno-occultism (psyonics), and a not well – as such – recognized expression of the latter one: the Internet of Things or IoT. Albion thus, as a side effect, represents major challenges within any new configuration of the human evolution, and forces to choose between a true “uprising of humanity” or a false “belief in technological inventions”. The orbital period of Albion is 289 years and 248 days. 

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