Author: Benjamin Adamah

巫蠱, kodoku

Japanese Witchcraft or Kodoku

Japanese witchcraft or Kodoku is an unknown phenomenon in the West. In Japan, magic doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation; rather, it is often viewed positively. However, it was stigmatized as superstition and even...

cubewanos in astrology

Cubewanos in astrology

Cubewanos in astrology open up a whole new dimension for any astrologer who is unafraid to think outside the box and willing to explore their significance.  A Cubewano, also known as a classical Kuiper...

the soul in kabbalah

The anatomy of the human being in the kabbalah

In kabbalah, it is believed that we are composed of different soul levels, each corresponding to a different aspect of the divine. Eight main components (condensation levels or subjectivities of the all-encompassing divine consciousness)...