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Outer Main Belt Asteroids: Trojans, Hilda, Cybele

Author: Benjamin Adamah


This asteroid astrology book on the Outer Main Belt Asteroids – Trojans, Hilda, Cybele, catalogs 104 astrological interpretations of these asteroid groups and related objects, like Neptune, Mars Trojans and Venus co-orbitals.

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The fourth volume in our series on asteroid astrology, Outer Main Belt Asteroids – Trojans, Hilda, Cybele catalogs 104 astrological interpretations of the Trojans, Hilda-Asteroids, Cybele-Asteroids and related objects. Most of these bodies orbit in the outer region of the main-belt or, like the Jupiter-Trojans, in the orbit of Jupiter itself. Their orbital periods are, on average, two or three times longer than those in the central or inner main-belt. Therefore, their impact during transits is more intense.

In addition to asteroids from the above families, Thule asteroids are covered, as well as several interesting anomalous objects such as Venus co-orbitals and strange objects in the orbit of Neptune. Like its predecessors, this book provides thorough and comprehensive information for incorporating asteroids into your astrological practice.

A taboo-breaking example is the case of the dominant Cybele asteroid Bertholda in the birth chart of Jeffrey Epstein, clearly showing the inestimable value of asteroids as an often-confronting addition to the classical planetary palette. Horoscopes become highly detailed charts and no longer depend on forcing (incorrect) interpretations, using only the planets and sensitive points.