2020 Horoscope

The 2020 horoscope is truly apocalyptic. 2020 Will be the most crucial year for (what used to be called) “western civilization” since 1945. This is for several reasons, of which the planned total 5G pollution of every spot on Earth is the most insane, actual and deadly threat for every living organism. I must however emphasize that “apocalyptic” does not mean “disaster”, but a time of total confrontation that cannot be escaped. A Saturn-Pluto conjunction squared by Eris is catalysing the already existing tension field between politicians and civilians worldwide. The result of this confrontation can only go in one direction. 


2020 horoscoop

The 2020 horoscope is apocalyptic. Pluto transiting in Capricorn and a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto usually denotes a period of upheaval, a turning point in civilization and a reset of powers. Eris squaring this conjunction makes the chart of 2020 a ticking time bomb.


I will analyse the 2020 new year chart step by step, after first explaining what a mundane astrological prognose is all about – and what it’s not about. I will include asteroids and dwarf planets as they provide us with crucial details and vital extras. Although the outcome of this article outlines the general tensions of 2020, my main goal is not to play the role of doom-prophet, but to give you a glimpse of a decipher-process: How exactly were the astrological conclusions in this article drawn, and where do we stand with our free will when this divine quality of our soul seems to contrast with the term “prediction”?

The last decade again and again people have posted fantasies about the end of the world, based on what they called “very rare alignments of planets”. I’ve practised astrology for over 35 years and never used the term alignment, because it isn’t an astrological term, but a nonsense word invented by non-astrologers. The social media are plagued with Blood Moon doom-posts and Galactic gates mumbo jumbo and the more popular, the more ridiculous they usually are.

Astrology is a very complex science/art, based on a non-mainstream concept of science and mundane astrology, i.e. astrology that is used for “predicting” worldly events, has the highest level of difficulty. Technically it is now possible to create astonishing accurate predictions, using the western astrological system, upgraded with asteroids. However such a report would take months of hard work to create – despite the use of computer speed. This because the astrologer should not only look at the New Year-chart, but at the chart of every day of 2020 and include asteroids, black lights, midpoints and fixed stars. Also the last eclips predating the new year would have to be examined i.e. we would have to thoroughly analyse 365+ charts in the highest mode of complexity.  A more general outline however is very well possible. And these more general outlines are the kind of “predictions” I’m also restricted to.


Why is 2020 horoscope a time bomb in relation to whistle-blowers?

whistle-blowers play an important role in 2020, but contrary to the Alex Jones-type, these are whistle-blowers of the Edward Snowden category, who disrupt the system from the inside, directly or indirectly.

The big question of course, is whether it is possible to say something definite about 2020 that, without any doubt can be expected this year to happen. I will not disappoint you, nor will many of my professional colleagues, because a transiting Black Moon on the Ariespoint combined with a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the New Years chart in Capricorn, the sign of the status quo, the governments and officials, the institutes and institutions, the old collusion-  system and its patterns and habits, is what we call a give away. And as an astrologer specialized in asteroids, I can safely ad “We can be damn sure the “fireworks” won’t stop after New Years Eve!” This because Saturn is sandwiched between Arawn (a quasi-satellite of Pluto, moving in an almost identical orbit) and Pluto, while both Saturn and Pluto are conjunct 2001 KF77 (a hot headed whistleblower-asteroid of the Centaur-class), while Eris squares this four-double conjunction in Aries. Eris is a so called Scattered Disc Object (SDO), almost as big as Pluto, and often dominant in huge disasters and the charts of warmongers – and wars or ongoing conflicts.

To illustrate the paragraph above a bit: Alex Jones has a wagon load of 2001 KF77 in his birth chart and Hillary Clinton, whose presidential campaign was sponsored by 97% of the weapon and war industries world wide – because of her marketing skills to promote preemptive wars and genocidal conflicts – is pretty much soaked in Eris. This means that 2001 KF77 is the most interesting player in this configuration on the positive side. If I would approach the 2020 horoscope traditionally (this is what heaven looks like and deal with it!) this Centaur is in fact our only hope. Translated in normal language, 2001 KF77 in the centre of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction squared by Eris (offering unbearable extra pressure to this tension field) means that whistle-blowers play an important role in 2020. But contrary to the Alex Jones-type, these are whistle-blowers of the Edward Snowden category, who disrupt the system from the inside, directly or indirectly.


What is the chilling relation between the 2020-horoscope and the World War I chart?

The good thing is, we will not be bored by 2020. The bad thing is, Eris (dominant not only in Hillary, but also in the Fukushima disaster) and Saturn were in a very tight square-aspect (90 degrees, denoting conflict and tension) on the day World War I started, on July 28, 1914. (Saturn in 27 Gemini 16’48” in coming square Eris in 27 Pisces 32’52” Rx). A conjunction Saturn-Pluto (1 Cancer 27’32”) was within a 4 degree orb, thus weak, and became exact on October 4, 1914 at 18:25:49 UT, whereby Saturn and Pluto (2 Cancer 13’39”) were conjunct the asteroid Verdun. The first important historical event of a series of preludes of political events that lead directly to World War I, was the The Triple Alliance, an agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. It was formed on May 20, 1882 and at that day Saturn was conjunct Neptune (gas, infections) and sextile Eris.

World War I took the lives of over 7 million civilians as a direct result of the war, while resulting  genocides and the 1918 influenza pandemic caused another 50 to 100 million deaths worldwide.


horoscope 2020 looks like first world war horoscope

The photograph above shows a pro-war demonstration in Bologna, Italy, 1914. The horoscope of 2020 has its Saturn-Pluto conjunction square Eris in common with the horoscope of the First World War. Especially Eris makes the chart a dangerous one.  All these people didn’t have the faintest clue what they were doing. Their behaviour and actions were 100% based on newspaper-indoctrination and lies of politicians, just like in 2020 the planned 5G pandemic is based on modern media indoctrination and lies held together by a world wide collusion based on the ICNIRP’s thermal effect science fraud.

The sign Cancer rules the civilian(s) as opposed to Capricorn which rules the officials, the governments, the state, the ruling system. So, just like on the day of the outbreak of World War I, we have this Saturn-Pluto conjunction (within one degree at 00:00 hours 2020!) plus we have in both cases an exact Eris-square (within one degree) to Saturn (and Pluto). But, and this is the big difference, the epicentre (Saturn-Pluto) is in Capricorn, so the imminent catastrophe of this configuration, is most likely a catastrophe for the political settlement, the ruling system or those who imagined themselves untouchable – among them a hand full of big tech horror-companies.

Elon Musk/Space-X, Amazon, Facebook, OneWeb, Telesat, Roscosmos, Aerospace Science and Industry Corp who want to launch & activate ten thousands of 5G-satellites, planned the polluting and damaging of every living square inch on Earth. Their CEO’s desire the “legal” raping of every open air space, the rape of every child on our planet playing outside, the rape of even the entire Amazon rainforest, with the same microwaves that killed hole swarms of birds already.

With the full support of all 29 NATO-countries, 8300+ Scientific medical studies, that conclude often extreme dangerous non-thermal effects of microwaves are ignored. Fieldstudies are ignored. Many Appeals by medics and uncorrupted scientist, like the Freiburg Appeal and the most recent anti-5G Appeal are deliberately ignored by those, having ethically reached the same degenerated state of mind as pedophiles and nazi-doctors.

There will be be no place to hide on Earth if these megalomaniacs are not stopped with all means possible. Considering “war”; this horoscope is not pointing at war per se, but the “war-thing” does lurk around the corner and the situation is edgy and potentially dangerous.


Defining big tech and 5G astrologically

Concerning the truly horrifying situation that Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the 5G maffia, who simply think they OWN our lives, are allowed to TOUCH the bodies of our children (not with their genitals but with a radiation that can fry children’s testikels and eyeballs) and OWN our planet and future and thus have the right to expose us 24/7 to 5G-shit via satellites, we first of all have to take a look at Uranus and dwarfplanet Makemake, as this object is linked to satellites and hightech. Than we also have to take into account Ixion (conjunct Pecker), Mercury, Electra, Castalia, Älvsjö and Talos. It is tricky for astrologers to adres a certain brand new phenomenon to a certain planet or sign as there is not much expertise available. Satellites and 5G are not the biggest problem where classification is concerned. I’ll come back on the asteroid specifics later in this article.

The problem lies with the fact that these super companies like Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Facebook, SpaceX etc. and their CEO’s are still seen as door openers to the future, technical renewers, and this image is not Capricorn, but more Aquarius, Uranus-like. However, these super tech-companies behave and function as political powers, have tremendous semi-bureaucratic political and social influence, are in many cases interwoven with warmonger NATO and almost every government that practises the global neoliberal and new world order politics. They are also supported by the press and the juridical system and tax system that simply puts them above the law and above ethical responsibilities.  From this point of perspective, astrologically speaking, these tech-companies, together with corrupt NGO’s, NATO, EU, braindead governments, big banking, Wallstreet, tax systems, the Full Scope Dominance-doctrines of the USA and China, mass media, big pharma, big oil and petrochemicals, big multinationals in general ARE the system. At least in everyday practise they ARE the system, and this links them to Capricorn, Saturn and the upheavals of 2020 due to a very special astrological situation (the latter acting as a lubricant for what’s already going on as a reaction world wide to what can be summarized as the “Politician-problem“).



Natural reality is something completely different from modified reality. Nature is our greatest treasure, which should be nurtured at all costs for our children, their children and for nature and life itself.


Why the 2020 horoscope is the chart-reading of a filtered reality. Why this is always the case with mundane astrology. And something about the all good things happening.

We are almost there. Just this paragraph and we are going to the sec astrological part of this article. But I have to write this, because it is always neglected and of such crucial importance for understanding astrological predictions!!
The problem with astrological predictions concerning the world (mundane astrology) is that we always have to deal with basically 3 realities instead of one.

  1. First of all there is nature or natural reality, to use a better term, as nature is also part of ourselves.
  2. Than there is the contemporary cultural reality we dwell in, better known as the Zeitgeist.
  3. Thirdly there is the basic part or dead weight of this Zeitgeist (post-modernism, The Politician-problem, the western worldview, the Christian base of guilt and submission, technocracy, mobocracy, oligarchy, mediacracy, endless wars with economic motives legalized with media-lies, pragmatism, American Full Scope World Dominance (the PNAC-strategies), rat race culture, banking system, tax-nonsense, the stock exchange pest, third world exploitation, etc.). Then embedded in this deadweight there are trend problems like pollution, a dying nature, the thread of 5G satellites and antennas, the radiation-overkill we already deal with, health-fascism with forced vaccines and witch hunts on naturopaths, surveillance marketing, the coup of the big tech companies, the ongoing tension between New World Order politicians and the population, the bankruptcy of political integrity , pedo-networks, the Epstein-scandal aftermath, etc. etc.).

To make a long story short: This modified reality is radically out of balance when measured with the standards of nature. The Earth and our drinking water is poisoned with round up, people are sick and mentally enslaved by smartphones, insects and birds are disappearing by billions, banks and big industry, almost entirely relie on lies, media lies and wars.

This artificial sphere or Zeitgeist filters the natural input of transiting planets and asteroids, emphasizing their negative features much more than their positive.

Translated to astrological psychospheres: First of all there is far too much of the Fire and Air Element (negative Yang, a far to quick, aggressive and superficial way of living, resulting in the liquidation of true awareness and the human mode) compared to Earth and Water, resulting in negative Yin (Orwellian control systems, fear based government, massive bureaucracy, mass-thinking). This artificial sphere or Zeitgeist filters the natural input of transiting planets and asteroids, emphasizing their negative features much more than their positive. It is something neglected by most astrologers, but realizing the fact that our Zeitgeist FILTERS astrological influences by their resonance and the fact that in our current episode, it is very difficult to embed and materialize the positive features of planets and asteroids, the paradox is, it makes a mundane prognose much more easy. Alas…. I proved this several times in the past years in my year-horoscopes, published by Frontier Magazine.

Perhaps some readers will have the Jesus Christ!-moment right now. Indeed, this is a bloody depressing and negative view on our current world mode. Well it isn’t the complete view. This is just the sick part, the obstacle we have to get rid of as soon as possible. But I paint this ugly picture because so many splendid initiatives and creative ideas are launched at the same time. Billions of trees were planted in 2019 in India and other countries. Biological food gets more and more popular, just like the small business, supporting the local economy. Inventions are made to clear the oceans of plastic and people are protesting everywhere all over the planet for democratic and social rights; France, Hongkong, even in my own stupid country: The Netherlands. There is a clear signal that millions of people all over the world want to get rid for once and for all of this small group of psychopaths who poisons, bombs, exploits, overshadows the world and makes everything sick and dead, while adding absolutely nothing creative, except a web of lies and stupidity enforcement strategies. Lets handle the cards to the planets of 2020:


Schematic overview of the dominant aspect of the 2020 horoscope combined with the parallel of this Saturn-Pluto square Eris configuration in the horoscope of World War I.  This aspect denotes a powerful clash between the rulers (the system, the collusion between politics, big banking, hightech and big industry) and the ruled (angry civilians, natural reality and unpolitisized culture), like a boil bursting open, letting the puss out. Eris is in Aries, while Cancer is the sign of the civilian, but individuality belongs to Aries. And this is suffocated by the system causing the anger among civilians.




1. The Sun, the heart of the year in the 2020 horoscope

The Almuten Figuris or strongest planet of the chart is Mercury. This denotes information, communication, transport, traffic, language. Sun is conjunct the word power/NLP-Plutino 1998 HK51, Prokne (cruelty, revenge, hatred), TRIUMPF trine “parasite/empire-Centaur” 2002 PN34. The strongest player is the Plutino 1998 HK51. So in the heart of the 2020 horoscope we see that 2020 is about language, the power of words and the misuse of words and communication, like censorship enforcement, technical discrimination of key words/websites or modern witch-hunt terms like conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat etc.. Sun is also conjunct Prokne, which isn’t good at all, especially because the asteroid Sysiphus is opposing Sun. Sysiphus hinders the “shining and radiating” with the repetitive hindering of result or conclusion. Sun gets support from a very unpredictable Centaur, 2002 PN34, which fuels the Sun with either an urge to “build an empire” (create and/or solidify a strong power structure) or to act as a parasite (which is almost always the case with modern politics, but within the 2020 horoscope configuration this is extra emphasized.



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2. The osc. Black Moon on the Aries Point in the 2020 horoscope

In mundane astrology the Black Moons are extremely important as they function as forces that make the energies of the zodiacal degree they are transiting and aspects they make with fixed stars and planets/asteroids manifest very concrete, though often deformed or in a process of purging. The Aries Point is an important point as it is the location the zodiak starts. It is seen as a doorway-point where the astral or morphogenitic realm flows into our concrete material world. There has been much discussion whether we should use the corrected Black Moon (BML) of the uncorrected (osc. Black Moon). However, as far as my 20 years of experience with these black lights goes, they are both important and strong players. The position of the osc. Black Moon on the Aries Point denotes that the horoscope of 2020 is very strong about confrontation and the purging of things, rules, positions, processes that are simply not right or just. However this force has a dark side in that it can also deform every process going on.

The tension caused by the Arawn/Saturn/2001 KF77/Pluto/2001 XA255 conjunction square Eris is significantly catalysed by the positions of both the Sun and the osc. Black Moon in the 2020-chart. The current system which is almost entirely based on selling bullshit and desinformation to the classes who still do the real work


3. Saturn-Pluto squared by Eris

I have already discussed this dominant aspect in the 2020 horoscope above. This is a potentially very dangerous and powerful aspectation. Saturn, Pluto and Eris are heavyweights, slow moving with a deep penetrating impact. Pluto’s force is catalysed by the Plutino Arawn, who not only acts as extra fuel for Pluto but hardens the aspectation significantly as it also catalyses the isolation and coldness of Saturn. As this powercluster is fused with 2001 XA255, the worst case scenario is an increase of persecutions of people and groups, harsh condemnations, problems with transportations at the end of the traject, or on a larger scale war, in whatever version or shape available in the postmodern chaos. In the positive sense it also stimulates the falling down of rotten political idols due to scandals and thus this Centaur can act in perfect synergy with the encapsulated whisle-blower Centaur 2001 KF77! And there is more pointing toward the latter: within the Saturn-Pluto square Eris, the asteroid Leviathan opposes Eris in Aries (representing the civilians) and squares Saturn-Pluto in the sign of diplomacy and treaties, Libra. Leviathan is about state lies, state secrets, official truths (lies). This brings us to the true meaning of the term Apocalyps. “Apocalypse” (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation“, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

So this complex aspectation points to a hars clash, a world wide awareness of the politician problem and how this has to be solved on all fronts, social, economical, in the context of human rights, privacy, democracy and a general concern for the Earth, nature, the trees and ecosystems.

Their is a special profession that makes a living out of revealing the truth: investigation journalism. And this profession will have its golden year as asteroid Itokawa (research journalism) is conjunct Damocles (destroying or dismanteling the closed system, often from within). And this conjunction is sextile Eris (pro the civillians) and in half sextile to the System (friction aspect). This aspectation is strong in Aquarius, the sign that hates suppression (except in the chart of “Mister FEMA-camp” Dick Cheney). Eris (the civillians) is trine Varda. Varda alway want to make a substantial impact everybody knows about. Finally the asteroid Hooke (humanism in the true sense of the word, freedom loving, very involved with nature, the Earth and its suffering) opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, pointing towards resistance to ecocide and ecorape by representatives of the System.

So this complex aspectation points to a hars clash, a world wide awareness of the politician problem and how this has to be solved on all fronts, social, economical, in the context of human rights, privacy, democracy and a general concern for the Earth, nature, the trees and ecosystems. It also points to a year of great revelations and scandals.


4. The astrological players concerning 5G in the 2020 chart

In the 2020 horoscope Jupiter is the so called Doryphory (protector of the chart).  Jupiter in Capricorn means restricted progress and stimulates the “think before act”-routines and a more reasonable approach of problems, issues and ideas instead of a cheer optimistic “go for it!”. Jupiter is conjunct Icarus (inspiration, original insight) and in exact square to “satellite-dwarf planet” Makemake, who also rules 5G-satellites. Makemake is conjunct Logos (beta-intelligence, linear thinking, calculating). Another big player/representative concerning modern technology and crossing boundaries is Uranus. Uranus is conjunct a retrogade Damocloid called Dioretsa (the unusual, time reversal) and in strong opposition the jurisdiction and judgement-Plutino Rhadamanthus. Rhadamantus is very strong in Scorpio.  Varuna (big international media event/news; super expansion) squares in Leo both Rhadamantus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus.
Concerning 5G the core problem is electrosmog terror based on the imbecility that a test with a salt water filled silicone head (thermic effect dictate) was enough to overrule all serious science and epidemic reports studying the true effects of microwaves on living organisms, plants, animals , humans and ecosystems. Within this context we have to look at asteroids who have a more specific role with electricity: Electra, Castalia, Älvsjö and Talos. Than we also have to take into account Ixion (conjunct Pecker) and Mercury. Mercury, the Almutem Figuris or strongest planet in the 2020 horoscope is conjunct Castilia, an Apollo asteroid that is related to everything bad about wireless technology and the negative impact of microwaves on the human biology and health. Electra is conjunct Teharonhiawako (dichotomy), Susansmith (false accusations) and Izhdubar (failure, wrong strategy, crime). Älvsjö which has to do with severe suffering of people with EHS is conjunct Apophis in pisces (fear of falling completely apart). Ixion (the process itself, Frankenstein technology) is conjunct Pecker (denying the boundaries of other people, rape lust, drawing negative attention) and 2001 KN77 (anger management, self control). Ixion is in the sign of space technology (Sagittarius). My expectation considering the mess above is that governments and companies assisted by NATO’s complete insanity and the braindead Chinese government will keep developing and launching satellites with 5G and other space warfare technology, whereby part of this pandemic wil continuo down here in the cities and other areas, which will see a great number of protests and clashes and also lawsuits. A “5G-accident” is possible to as a prelude to a lawsuit.


5. The Moon/Neptune/Nictimene-conjunction in the sex degree 17 pisces and the Weinstein/Epstein-stuff continuation



The 17th degree pisces is the most sexual degree of the zodiac. Moon is conjunct with Neptune, Nictimene, Teheronhiawako and Phoinix. In plain language: sex scandals especially the misuse of young underaged girls (Nictimene) will again be a hot issue in 2020, and will come to the surface either brand new or as loose ends aka the unfinished story of especially the Epstein-scandal.

There is only one thing to be added: “sex-plutino” 2005 PQ21 is conjunct Scheat (disaster, conflict) in the last or anaretic degree of pisces (now or never) and square MC.  However our society is thus organized that for highly placed people there is no real sanction. Prince Andrew lost a few patronships, but that’s no big deal when compared to a normal conviction like 20+ years in prison among pedo-hating fellow convicts. Epstein was murdered in his cell to prevent him from giving the press more revelations in this context which would have had severe political consequences as is probably crystal clear to every person in this world with an IQ higher than 40.  Dziewanna (bad shit, very painful situations) and 2001 SQ73 (pressure fluctuations) conjunct 1999 TD10 (invasions) are feeding the Moon/Neptune/Nictimene cluster. However, in a world where most parent rape the body of their own child(ren) with Wi-Fi, tablets, wireless computers and smartphones, while most of the time staring addicted to a stupid screen, scrolling though loads of social media shit, this whole rape and abuse subject in relation to respect for child rights has gone of the track in such an obscene and absurd way, this subject cannot be touched anymore in the normal astrological way. It just keeps filling me with useless disgust about this world wide decline of morals and human values, flanked by a breath taking disappearance of lateral intelligence.


6. Extras:

I expect an unreasonable war or law enforcement as a cloak for real problems as Mercury is opposed the creative drugs & artistic genius Plutino 2002 VE95, which I nicknamed Creative junky in my Dutch asteroid guide. (This Plutino was strong in the charts of Herman Brood and Jean Miquel Basquiat.)

Makemake is afflicted by Jupiter. Makemake does not only have an association with satellites, skyscrapers, hightech etc. but also with swine flu and pandemics of viral diseases. This affliction can denote an outbreak of a disease similar to for example the swine flu.

To answer the question whether the 2020 horoscope shows a financial market meltdown: No, not directly. However the financial system is completely entangled with the ruling system and the ruling system will get severe punches in the face in 2020. We will see another mortgage-crash coming somewhere in the near future, not based on astrological data, but on health-rot. 50% Of all Americans is already chronically ill and we see similar figures in Europe due to radiation, sick making industry food, lack of sleep, financial pressure and other rat race stuff. This simply ends one day in exhaustion and crash.

The European Union is already under great pressure and there is a serious chance we will see Brexit-follow ups.


Planets do not enforce. They just provide mood and tension fields. Human courage and human creativity has in most cases the final word….

Happy New Year


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