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Spirit beings in European folklore - Benjamin Adamah

Spirit Beings in European Folklore

Spirit Beings in European folklore by Benjamin Adamah is a series of 4 compendiums that catalogs 1045 creatures of Europe’s supernatural history. This book-series is made available September 3, 2022 by VAMzzz Publishing. Netflix-series...


Leshy, the Lord of the Russian Forest

The Leshy or Lyeshy (Belor: лясу́н Lyasun, лесаві́к Lesovik; Ukr. лісови́к Lisovik; Pol: Laskowiec) is a forest spirit, widely known among Russians (especially in the North), and to a lesser extent representations about him...

Naamah, Abyzou Lilith Agrat bat Mahalath Eisheth Zenunim

Jewish Femmes Fatales for Dummies

Jewish culture is rather cramped, when it comes to human sexuality. In ancient times the Egyptians, Babylonians and, of course, especially the Greeks, were a lot more liberated in this context. It is therefore...