Horoscope 2021 – the general outline for a world artificially kept in crisis

The mundane horoscope 2021 is mostly a continuation of the 2020 mundane horoscope. December 26, 2019, I published my previous annual forecast. From that prognosis, among other things, a war-like situation and a very big challenge for humanity emerged very strongly; extreme information censorship and the information war on a new level, with whistleblowers who would often emerge from within the established order. We have experienced this on a gigantic scale and we are still in the middle of it. The core of the 2020 forecast was a hard square of Eris in Aries on Arawn/Saturn/2001 KF77/Pluto/2001 XA255. The First World War started with a square of Eris – Saturn/Pluto, which is why I knew it was serious.


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The annual horoscope 2021 indicates a sharp increase in background tension.

Pluto is square Eris, which gives a considerable background tension. Pluto continues to focus its implosive forces on both the established order (Capricorn) and the popular opposition because in most countries Pluto is in the 4th house.

The double star Algol reaches its minima only 1 hour before the turn of the year. A darkened Algol puts a situation in a danger zone and is very unfavourable for winning a battle. Arab warlords used to turn right when Hamil r’as Al Ghul (Algol, the Demon star) was darkened. However, as far as the issue of winning or losing the battle is concerned, the Algol position applies as much to us as it does to the Plandemic orchestrators. What then remains as a distillate of the Algol minima is a kind of ominousness, a dark cloud.

With Black Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus, feelings and conditions of certainty and financial security are under great pressure and many people are awaiting a radical change in this context.

Neoptolemus at the Aries Point conjunct Vertex/cusp 7 square MC/ Cancer opposition Apophis stimulates conflicts, provoking or starting war or struggle or violent conflicts and is in opposition with Apophis (great fear). In the best-case scenario, it remains that fear, but I consider escalations of violence to be almost impossible.

2002 GZ32 in 1:15 Capricorn square to Neoptolemus and Apophis and so at their midpoint can be a bright spot here. For this Centaur (2002 GZ32) has everything to do with breaking patterns , the sensing of blind spots, the emergence of new perspectives that are unfavourable to the old ones. this Centaur also detects errors in existing systems, assumptions, habits, ‘self-evidence’ and imposed routines – no matter how entrenched and deeply rooted they are.

Apophis on the Ascendant means that this year the world’s atmosphere is strongly scarred by fear and therefore this aspect enhances the Moon’s opposition Saturn. Because of the conjunction of Saturn with an outgoing Jupiter, the matra of 2021 will be: When the going gets tough the tought get going! This year will really separate the men from the boys.


The information war of 2020 continues in full intensity in 2021

As in 2020 on New Years Eve, the Sun is conjunct the ‘NLP-Plutino’ 1998 HK15. The heated and extended information war, which, as I predicted last year, would emerge in 2020, will continue unabated.

2001 SQ73 (a pumping fluctuating movement; conflict seeking) stands conjunct 1998 VG44 (state lies, state propaganda). This aspect works both ways: On the side of the Plandemicers, the necessary new floods of lies and brainwashing will erupt through the media, while on the side of the sane people, who continues to defend human rights, truth, reason and democracy, these actions of stupidity enforcement will fire back equally unpredictably.

Just as in 2020, whistleblowers-Centaur 2001 KF77 (conjunct 2001 XA255/Israel) is still in Capricorn. Now squaring Mars/Asia in Aries and trine the (Man or a Mouse-Centaur) Rhiphonos/(conjunct Pandora). So, everything is still possible and for the Plandemic mob remains valid: “expect the unexpected!”

Mercury (language, information, trade, cognitions) in Capricorn in 4 opposition 1999 TD10 (invasion) in Cancer in 10 (invasion via emotional blackmail, shaming and framing by the government). Mercury is conjunct 1994 JS (unyieldingly strong; but also with its own conservatism as a blind spot)/Dziewanna (dystopia) and square Crantor (sudden end or death).

Itokawa (investigative journalism) conjunct Typhon (15/16 Scorpio) is very beneficial for investigative journalism in general and unfavourable for the ‘flood strategies’ of the WHO and the European Commission (planned during Event 201 in 2019) to brainwash everyone on a massive scale for the vaccine lobby and high-tech industry as well as for Agenda 21, the Reset and similar initiatives such as the alliance between the Vatican, the Rothschilds and various giants from the pharmaceutical and financial world. Typhon combines forensic journalism with ‘infighting’ and is a very tough and unshakeable force.

Several favourable aspects of asteroid Photographia (in 8 Virgo trine Uranus/Black Moon) indicate that photos (and video) play an important role in the struggle for freedom.

Aletheia (truth & truth seeking) is conjunct Damocles (the disintegration of a great system). The only large system that can disintegrate is that of the Plandemicers (WHO, EU, Agenda 21, Reset, etc.), in short, the world-wide machine of lies and indoctrination to promote an Orwellian transhumanist dystopia.


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The stalemate between government and citizens remains deadlocked

One critical point is the Moon (we the people) in Leo opposition Saturn and Jupiter. The opposition with Saturn gives a further obscuration of life. Jupiter may weaken this somewhat, but it is not going to be fun. Certainly not for restaurants, the entertainment branche and the nightlife. And of course, for this conclusion you don’t have to be an astrologer (but the horoscope puts extra emphasis on this).

Saturn = the government and conservative status quo. Jupiter = a.o. the Judiciary Power. In short: People and Government (supported by the corrupted part of the Judiciary Power) are diametrically opposed to each other. A plus point is that Moon in Leo gives more courage, so despite all the repression of information, freedom of speech and despite all kinds of harassment, in which even the army was deployed, the honest and direct expression of opinion will not stop in 2021. More people are going to speak out against the Plandemic scam and all its facets.

In a positive sense, Leo is a sign that detest masks and prefers to face everything frankly and openly, which may be reflected in growing aversion rather than acceptance of facemasks. However, this aversion will have to overcome the lethargy of many ‘godfearing’ citizens, as the Moon in Leo is dealing here with an opposition from Saturn.

Suicides will increase in the course of 2021 – parallel to Pluto’s position between 25:21 and 26:21 Capricorn, especially in countries with a strong Leo influence and among performers from the theatre world and various figures with a central position.


Irritation increases sharply

As the Moon is at midpoint Saturn|Jupiter, this gives rise to a year of tremendous irritation (general) in which the suffocation of creativity and ones own visions and dreams is the primary cause. This position also stimulates problems with employees or forced relocation, and women’s issues especially when it comes to children.


Messing with health and physical integrity

Neptune is ruler of the 6th house (health, nutrition, work, small pets) in the 6th House in Pisces. The rape & assault Centaur Nessus is also in 6 in Pisces. This position is bad for human rights and beneficial for the vaccination mafia. Nessus is at midpoint Sun|Sethos (government-controlled rape, assault, rape, brutal violation of physical integrity and medical ethics). Conversely, there are thus many astrological counterforces operating behind the scenes that, for example, something like mandatory vaccination will certainly not go smoothly, will fail in many countries or trigger excessive violent resistance.

Vaccination & Satellite Dwarf Planet Makemake is in 8 Libra conjunct asteroid Pest (make sick, pandemic, curse, be a plague); Leukotheia (having to give something up in order to get something better in return, protection of the small) – opposition Requiem in Aries (mourning; from severe fever or derailed immune system reactions deceased individuals; commemoration of the deceased) minute exact trine Pallas in Aquarius (strategy via digital means or strategic humanitarian intervention). 5G-planet Makemake can also be deployed here through a combination: using facial recognition or other person tracking via cameras and becoming ill from radiation.

Ceres in 6 in Pisces causes famine, food scarcity, destruction of family cohesion/social tissue. Famine is already happening in several developing countries, including parts of India.


The annual horoscope 2021 shows multiple financial uncertainties: expect the unexpected


chart 2021 astrological forecast 2021


For the Netherlands and many other countries, Venus in 3 in Sagittarius (as House lord of 1 and 2 and 9) opposition 1996 TL66 (sudden eruption; billionaires; floods) combines its otherwise favourable and balancing influence here with a time bomb effect. Very sudden situations may occur concerning the following areas:
– money, property, valuation and values in general, security (House 2)
– physical existence itself (House 1)
– publications of books, texts, documents, magazines, newspapers (3 and 9)
– everything related to communication, information, transport and transportation, import and export, travel including aviation (House 3 and 9)
– space travel (House 9)

Uranus is in 6:48 Taurus in 8 at midpoint /osc. Black Moon (6:13 Taurus)|mean Black Moon (7:59 Taurus) in Taurus on 1996 TR66 (isolation in all respects; difficult to make contact) on Sharatan (Mars/Saturn = dip in the stock market world according to classical financial astrology) opposition Industria(industry)|Germania(Germany).

This position alone is sufficient to speak of a very high risk concerning the stability of the monetary system, property, value, etc.. Contrary to what many people think, Taurus does not rule over the stock market and investment world, but over personal property and value systems. Unfortunately, however, we live in a society in which the two are intertwined. And thus we have to consider the sign of Aries on the cusp 8 (which does include the stock exchange and investment world).

For the Netherlands (top player in the tax avoidence system) , Eris on cusp 8 squares Pluto in Capricorn. Asteroid Amsterdam is conjunct Eris on cusp 8 square Pluto. This could become very exciting with regard to the discussion and possible contrameasures concerning tax avoidance, in which the municipality of Amsterdam is a key player by providing fake addresses for more than 20,000 tax avoidance companies. This aspect can actually mean the beginning of the end this year.

Money flow-Centaur par excellence 1998 BU48 is retrograde in 30 Virgo in 12 opposition cusp 7/vertex/Neoptolemus square Ixion. Translated into plain English: ‘Frankenstein experiments (Ixion) like the ones performed by companies like AstraZeneca – in the end – do not pay off’. This whole Plandemic, as well as the Reset and Agenda 21, which are intertwined or even dependent on it, intrinsically clash so fiercely with human reality and the needs of any human being that many investors will soon find out too late that the road to El Dorado, with its towering stock market listings at the end of 2020, crosses a bridge whose pillars are so weak and rotten that it could collapse at any moment in 2021 – when the time bomb Uranus/Black Moons is activated.

Rhadamantus is in 4 Scorpio square Jupiter in 3 Aquarius: High-tech projects can be tackled through legal intervention, which is beneficial within the framework of 5G counter-terrorism. Because Varuna is in opposition with Jupiter, this could receive a lot of media attention when such a situation (lawsuit) occurs.


For the sake of completeness, I would like to add a few extras to this annual chart 2021…

– The Vatican will put a lot of effort into ‘Ze Great Commercial’ (the vaccination lobby, Agenda 21 and WEF-like things).

– Charybdis swallows Cuba and most likely draws it into mainstream-System in 10 Capricorn. There is a maximum chance that Cuba will rejoin with the rest of the world.

– Germany could be hit particularly hard economically and industrially.

– The plandemic system with Nessus/Bombig/Sethos in Pisces sextile Sun can use a variant of tactics to enforce things. At worst, this could mean releasing a really dangerous virus or some other kind of military-medical intervention to achieve its objectives, however stupid and unrealistic this action may be. 2020 aggressively imposed a taboo on reason, logic, public administration and humanity, which are and will remain extremely threatening to figures such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and so on.



Ixion in Astrology – underlining the intrinsic Plutonic faculty of processing itself


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