AMYCUS – Power extremes of a Plutonic Centaur

Amycus (asteroid 55576) was discovered on April 8, 2002 by Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). The object orbits in a (weak) 3:4 resonance with Uranus, measures 100,90 km in diameter and was named after a similar criminal and violent Centaur of Greek mythology, the one – who by rape and the shattering of someone’s face – started the struggle between the Centaurs and Lapiths.


Amycus in astrology

Battle between Centaurs and Lapiths by Hans Makart (1840-1884)


Astrological meaning:
Either a formidable or unscrupulous strive for power; verbal or psychic rape; connections between lust and power play, BDSM; the personal power experience in relation to personal territorial boundaries

Astrologically Amycus is a heavy weight, well capable of expressing the more brutal qualities of the mythological version. If dominant in the radix horoscope, this Centaur may stimulate an insatiable urge for power, a tendency to manipulate, and is verbally a fighter to the extreme. Respect for the integrity of other people is weak, distorted or absent, and in a worst case scenario, even assault or rape cannot be ruled out, although in almost all cases this happens psychologically and mentally. The power game is – also in its most dull and ugly expression – linked to lust and passion and has a sexual undertone.


The discovery horoscope of Amycus
Centaur 55576 Amycus in astrology birth chart

Amycus orbit

Amycus’ discovery horoscope shows a conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Eris/Siberia in the 19th degree Aries square Nessus (rape) in Capricorn; Pluto/Rhiphonos/Arawn in Sagittarius (aimed at grabbing the power at the right moment). Pallas is conjunct Eros sextile Sun/Mercury/Eris/Siberia and a conjunction of Machiavelli/Asbolus/Hermes in Capricorn (a cunning, dark strive for power and control) trine 1998 XB (sexual pleasure or extremism). Venus conjuncts the Saturnal asteroid Tukmit and Typhon (infighting) in Leo trine Varda (impact, violent emotional outbursts). The discovery Amycus itself is in the 8th degree Libra conjunct Mors-Somnus / Rhadamantus (overshadowing of justice) / 2004 EW95 (visionary); trine 1999 OY3 (relational intelligence) and trine Rockefelia (money and fame); square Jupiter; sextile Ixion. Amycus has its discovery position in Libra opposition its discovery-Sun in Aries, indicating ambition whereby social connections are used to serve a selfish strive for power. In the radix horoscope, Amycus is, of course embedded within the totality of the horoscope, and only when connected to objects or points that strongly catalyse Amycus alter ego energy in one’s personality and social reality, there may be a serious problem for the environment (and the owner of the chart, as “Amycus unbound” is a kind of Devil’s pact in action, which in the end will lead to absolute loneliness). Amycus is richly represented in the BDSM scene and within the realm of power politics.


Amicus in famous charts

Child abuser and power manipulator Jeffrey Epstein had a very strong negative Amycus in his birth chart. Adolph Hitler had Amycus in Sagittarius conjunct Hylonome (fusing extreme popularity with extreme power); trine Mercury in Ram; trine Taurinensis / Rockefellia (military strategy backed by big money) in Leo. I.G. Farben, the pharmaceutical company that created I.G. Auswitz, was a subsidiary of Rockefeller, which, according to various historians, was therefore not bombarded by the allied forces. Pro-NATO & Pro-EU dictatorship politician Angela Merkel has the Centaur trine Venus (to connect) and trine Industria / 1993 SC (always busy creating or nurturing trust bonds). During a debate, such as in 2016 with Sahra Wagenknecht, Merkel showed her true anti-democratic face like never before, and deliberate disregard of Wagenknecht’s speech was received thus obscene by the public, that its video became a social media hit. Godfather of sadomasochism, Leopold Sacher-Masoch had Amycus in 11 Taurus conjunct Ixion / Narcissus; trine Asbolus / Vertex in Virgo; square Zephyr (decadent sexual pleasure); opposition 2003 AZ84 (extreme research) in Scorpio and Socrates / Amor in Sagittarius (philosophically defending the idiosyncratic vision of passion) and inconjunct the cusp of the 8th house (here: sexual extremes) in Libra, thus precisely at the point (= epicentre) of a Yod.



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Amycus in the radix horoscope

In the radix horoscope, Amycus denotes a point that provides information about a personal power source, or shows by which specific means or tactics one tries to gain power. This does not necessarily have to be something negative, but may just occur as a “byproduct” of a personal achievement or ambition. Amycus conjunct a “research asteroid” for example, has the potential to acquire authority and respect with discoveries or scientific work. Opposites with Amycus indicate what other power (represented by a celestial body in the opposite house and sign) will act as an undermining force or obstacle on the way to personal power. In the radix horoscope, Amycus also displays one’s personal power management in relation to personal territorial boundaries.

Amycus transits can manifest temporarily power struggles or issues. Amycus –afflictions  in general concern power and personal power, and all power-related consequences and inconsistencies. Amycus is also associated with the anomaly that was latent in a system (Uranus exact conjunct Thule) while Mark Andrew Holmes links the Centaur to innocent victims of violence or getting caught up in violence. During the terrorist attack of March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Amycus was 6°57 Capricorn sextile Nemesis (severe judgment, doom news) at 6°57 Scorpio. Amycus has an orbital period is 125 years and 270 days. 


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