Sex asteroids in astrology

Sex asteroids are a hot topic in asteroid astrology. This article by the Dutch asteroid-astrologer and author on asteroid-astrology Benjamin Adamah gives a pretty complete overview of asteroids and their specific relation to the sexual dimension, including those that are only known so far by MPC-number. At the end of the article tips are included how to find these asteroids in your personal horoscope.


sex asteroids

There are a few dozen asteroids with an explicit relation to sexuality. Including them in a chart can give detailed information that cannot be traced in traditional astrology which uses only the classical planets.


Sex and astrology usually revolves around certain signs of the zodiac and certain planets that are favorable or unfavorable to the libido and love life in general. Classically, the more sexually active signs are Scorpio (rules genitals), Taurus, Leo, Libra.

Pisces is interesting in this regard because of the 17th degree of Pisces – This is the most sexual degree of the tropical zodiac. Venus-Mars contacts are known for their increased effect on zest for life, creativity and libido.



Venus-Neptune contacts often increase interest in eroticism and the need to be fully immersed in something, including a sexual experience or moment.

Pluto-Charon implodes the central Venusian faculty of connecting into either an extraordinary artistic talent (Manuel de Falla) or the radicalization of sexuality. This last feature can go into two directions. Hence we see the Pluto-Charon-Venus connection prominent in both the horoscopes of sexologists/therapists and those of prostitutes, porn-actors or porn-producers. There are many asteroids who show a link with sexuality and eroticism.



Sex asteroids ad a new dimension

A serious investigation into sex asteroids obviously goes a long way beyond the familiar beaten path. The sexual dimension of man covers not only an average vanilla sex life as promoted in soap operas, but also countless excesses and deviations. For better or for worse. The mix of sexuality with abuse and criminality also falls within this scope.

Before we go to the overview an important golden rule: When you include asteroids in a horoscope you must realize that the conjunction with a planet within an orb of 1 degree is most important. Then the opposition within 1 degree. The influence of an asteroid requires a very close aspecting. un effect is often well noticeable 30 arch-minutes (so half a degree) before and after the exact conjunction.


sex asteroid Messalina

Messalina by Eugène Cyrille Brunet 1828 – 1921. Main belt asteroid Messalina is one of the so called sex asteroids.


Sex asteroids by MPC-number

7753 (1988 XB) – Extreme sexual activity.

15820 (1994 TB) – Sexual deepening or resisting temptation.

15874 (1996 TL66) – Discharge; squirting.

55636 (2002 TX300) – Pimps.

78799 (2002 XW93) – Group sex.

131318 (2001 FL194) – Libido, lust for life vitalism, warlock, witch king, great occult sexual strength and stamina.

134210 (2005 PQ21) – Porn, extreme sexual activity and creativity.

316179 (2010 EN65) – Discharge, orgasm.

999004 (2000 CO104) – Orgasm; ecstasy.



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Sex asteroids in alphabetical order

887 Alinda – Unpleasant but instructive experiences and failures sexually.

1221 Amor – Wanting to score sexually for status; purposeful sexual activity.

1963 Antinous – Heightened sex appeal.

404 Arsinoë – Increased sexual needs, especially when reaching the midlife period, possibly abuse in youth when afflicted, anal sex, homo-and bisexuality, extreme sexual urges rooted in being abused as a child or teenager.

672 Astarte – Sex and lust felt as a safe haven contrasting death and the spirit world.

5808 Babel – Erotic literature.

2063 Bacchus – Excreting sexual fluids; orgiastic.

24219 Chrisodom – Anal sex, brilliant intellectual qualities.

65 Cybele – Incest, large age differences between sexual partners; fetishism; castration.

60558 Echeclus – Lubricants; bisexual an homosexual encounters.

31824 Elatus – Experiencing a dissonance between passion and one sexual need and expression; suspected of paying a role in zoophilia (sex with animals)

433 Eros – Passion, eroticism, lust. Although very small, Eros is a major influence in any chart because in the first place it denotes where one is most passionate about. This does not have to be a sexual thing, but anyone knows that without passion one’s libido, zest for life and thus one’s sex life goes down the drain. as the “sjen” (all nurturing mental energy  one only gets from something one is enthousiastic (passionate) about is missing.

76 Freia – Heightened sex appeal.

709 Kadlu – Libido, lust for life vitalism.

570 Kythera – Extreme sexual activity.

8081 Leopardi – Heightened sex appeal, libido, lust for life vitalism.

4386 Lust – Lust, libido.

136472 Makemake – Masturbation (Makemake is centralized around peak experiences or performances; hence the Makemake masturbation is aimed at the orgasm-peak).

1647 Menelaus – Sex or porn as an outlet unbalanced yang energy.

3553 Mera – Cheating, squirting.

545 Messalina – Gangbangs, bucaces, sexually insatiable, complex, libertine, highly sensitive, demands total honesty or derails in borderline like behavior.

7066 Nessus – Sexual assault, rape, incest; dangerous in combination with Pluto-Charon, Orcus-Vanth or other plutinos which stimulate harshness.

1144 Oda – Pathological sexuality.

12151 Oranje-Nassau – Organized child abuse, pedophilia.

4450 Pan – Libido, lust for life vitalism.

4198 Panthera – Libido, lust for life vitalism.

5928 Pindarus – Sex scandals.

11240 Piso – Sex involving urine.

3163 Randi – Lust, being horny.

8130 Seeberg – Incubi-succubi phenomena/experiences.

12711 Tukmit – Masturbation as stress relief.

499 Venusia – Heightened sex appeal.

12923 Zephyr – Erotic decadence, sensual romanticism.


Sex asteroid Eros

Illustration of Eros, one of the sex asteroids, though well known, Eros is in the first place about passion rather dan sex.


How to include sex asteroids in your horoscope?

The most complete websites for asteroid-research are and Just ad the MPC number of a seksual asteroid like 433 (Eros)  or 3163 (Randi) for example and you can check is this object makes a very close conjunction with an important planet or sensitive point (like one of the Black Moons, the Nodes, Ascendent, Vertex etc.).

You can do this for your birth chart and  progressed chart. The influence of asteroids in the progressed chart is one of the most underestimated items of modern astrology, as in the progressed chart, even fast moving asteroids move very slow and therefore their influence can be substantial.