Cubewanos in astrology

Cubewanos in astrology open up a whole new dimension for any astrologer who is unafraid to think outside the box and willing to explore their significance. 

A Cubewano, also known as a classical Kuiper belt object, is a type of Kuiper belt object (KBO) that orbits beyond Neptune without being influenced by an orbital resonance with Neptune. Unlike Pluto, Their orbits are relatively circular with low eccentricity and sometimes low inclination orbits in the range of 41-48 AU.


cubewanos in astrology

Cubewanos reside in the region just behind the ring of Pluto-Charon and the Plutinos within the Kuiper Belt. Their astrological significance is diverse, but especially encompasses various postmodern Zeitgeist phenomena and trends. Additionally, Cubewanos can exert a significant influence on personal birth charts.


These objects do not cross Neptune’s orbit and have characteristics similar to the classical planets. The Cubewanos form a group of asteroids in the Kuiper Belt beyond the orbit of Pluto. Their orbital period around the Sun is 260 to 330 years.

To be classified as a Cubewano, the asteroid must be quite large (at least about 100 km in diameter), although Arrokoth (36 km) is also recognized as Cubewano.

The name “Cubewano” comes from the first trans-Neptunian object (TNO) discovered after Pluto and Charon, which was initially designated as (15760) 1992 QB1 until it was named 15760 Albion in January 2018.

Other similar objects found later were often referred to as “QB1-o’s” or “Cubewanos” in honor of this object.

While the term “Cubewano” is commonly used among those who practice new astrology, the scientific community more frequently uses the term “classical Kuiper belt object” to refer to these asteroids and dwarf planets.


Cubewanos astrology

A close up image showing the Plutinos in red and Cubewanos in blue.


Cubewanos in astrology: Zeitgeist-dwarfs

Cubewanos are complex objects, mainly due to their versatility rather than inherent conflicts or wounds, as found in Centaurs and Jupiter Trojans, or the obsessive tendencies seen in Plutinos.

Many of these objects are linked to the Zeitgeist phenomena that characterize the 21st century. For instance, Quaoar governs growth and expansion through wiki-like structures and networks, which we encounter frequently on the internet.

Albion represents the connections between previously separate areas or dimensions, emphasizing interconnectivity in general, and is also associated with the internet.

Makemake governs new technology, microbiology, satellites, skyscrapers, peak performance, and experiences in various fields, including unique vocal ranges like that of soul singer Chaka Khan, with her Moon/Makemake conjunction.

Praamzius is a complex Cubewano with a connection to weather, the wave-particle duality and analogous situations.

Logos-Zoe resides in the world of spreadsheet planning, where the right hemisphere has minimal input.

Varuna governs significant events in mass media that linger with the public, while Varda represents forceful expression, pounding the table to make a point forcefully.

The term “Cubewanos” encompasses a considerable number of dwarf planets or potential dwarf planets.

While many are associated with postmodern or 21st-century phenomena and realities, they can also have a significant personal impact.

The rules for Cubewanos in a chart, whether personal or mundane, are similar to those applied to most asteroids and dwarf planets: using orbs of just 1 degree is recommended, preferably even less!



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Haumeids act like a mix of a Centaur and Plutino

This 1 degree orb-guideline applies to objects mentioned in this book that may not be categorized as Cubewanos but rather as Twotinos and other objects (in deviant resonances with Neptune) or the Haumeids.

Speaking of the latter, Haumeids, in general, are less concerned with collective developments, trends, and evolutions, focusing primarily on personal depth-psychological aspects, struggles, and drama.

One could characterize them as behaving like hybrids between Centaurs and Plutinos.




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