CRANTOR in astrology – the fragility of life

Crantor is a Uranus-crossing asteroid of the Centaur-category. Because of its association with sudden death, literally or figuratively speaking, several astrologers who studied Crantor in astrology inadvertently gave the Centaur a terrifying image. Yet there is another side to this object, and the mixture of Crantor’s main features creates an intruiging drama so typically for objects of the Centaur-group…


astrological meaning of asteroid-83982-Crantor in astrology chart horoscope

Centaur Crantor crossing the orbit of Uranus


Astrological meaning:
Unexpected terminations, positive or negative; sudden death – real or figurative; the vulnerability of everything that is incarnated and alive; the fragility of life and the fatality of death and how we deal with this contrast emotionally, psychologically, and on a mental and spiritual level; a love for photography or to be photographed; being aware of our temporal relationship with each other and our emotions and vulnerabilities within this connotation.


Crantor (MPC-number 83982) is a Centaur of about 60 km in diameter, and is currently orbiting in a 1:1 resonance with Uranus. Crantor was discovered by Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) on April 12, 2002 with its discovery position at 0°01 Scorpio and its discovery-Moon conjunct Eris / Pest / Sun in Aries trine cusp 8 / Vertex / Narcissus / Juno / Burney / Orcus in Leo. Crantor was also trine Pluto; opposition Lust / Huya, with Orcus in 8 opposition Eros.

So in the nature of Crantor, we observe a strong connection between the Eros and Thanatos, underlining the myth of the Lapith Crantor being abruptly and abruptly killed by the Centaur Demoleon during a wedding party. Crantor in my opinion is mainly about the fragility of life and the fatality of death and how we deal with this contrast emotionally, psychologically, and on a mental and spiritual level.

The notorious sudden end or death element often enforces contemplations within this context. Especially when studying minute exact transits to major players in the chart, this now pretty common association with Crantor manifested itself very strongly.



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Crantor in astrology

Additional features of Crantor in astrology are: drug-triggered laugh-kicks or deaths due to overdose of wrong drugs; affinity with sexual astrology; an increased risk of suicidality linked to sentimental or narcissistic motives; Interest in the magical and the mysterious; premature death as a karmic recoil, unexpected closure, death by a spider bite or because one got involved in wrong circles; the sudden death, disappearance, or separation from partners or relationships or the termination of contracts, the sudden death of one’s spouse, widows and widowers; drowning; alcohol poisoning; smoldering power conflicts and power-influence dissonances; death by explosion or a health problem, hygiene problem or disease that suddenly shows up; mourning cards, mourning correspondence, memorabilia, condolences and condolence registers; uttering the magical command (directionism), money magic, ban magic, necromancy; taxation.

John Delaney finally connects Crantor to a love for photography or photography, which I support – every moment is always dying acute and photos are capturing this “moment of death” often very suddenly. Delanay also associates Crantor (among other things) with; booster; boosterism; fixed loyalties both for and against as a result of being a long-time resident;strong commitment to and vested interests in cities and specific places; globetrotting; zoning; zoning laws; zone defenses; being a local hero or phenomenon.

Mutual dependence is mentioned by Phil Sedgwick and co-existence by Mark Andrew Holmes and I have noticed these qualities manifesting in a dominant way during an exact square of Crantor to my radix Mars mixed with Delaney’s local hero, when a dear friend of mine was fighting for his life in the hospital.

Crantor can make us very aware of the temporally earthly existence we share with each other and the Centaur can intensify our vulnerability like an exposed nerve. Crantor reacts especially strongly to aspects with Mars. The orbital period of Crantor is 86 years and 44 days.

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