Egregors and the occult mechanism behind all power and fear politics

Egregors represent a profound blind spot in the annals of individual oppression perpetuated by “the power system” throughout history. Rather than shedding light on this blind spot through the conventional lenses expected by the average newspaper reader—such as journalism, sociology, philosophy, legal reasoning, mass psychology, so-called “sober common sense,” or the “scientific consensus”—I approach it from an occult perspective. This because paradoxically none of these customary, mainstream, and widely embraced frameworks of thought unveil the blind spot; instead, they inadvertently contribute to its perpetuation due to the inherent limitations of their respective paradigms.


Egregors, egregor

Nobody sees them or is aware of them but when politics and or media unleash their indoctrination campagnes egregors lead to a double mass-possession, overruling all human values and common sense.


Media indoctrination and symbiotic egregors
egregors machine

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In the dynamics of power systems enforcing oppression, censorship, and violence, society undergoes a profound schism. It splits into a segment of less intellectually inclined followers who adamantly avoid independent thought, and another faction comprised of individuals who rightfully and vehemently resist the imposition, as the former seeks to drag them into what is perceived as a personal affront. Occultly speaking, this scenario sets in motion the ignition of two “emotional fires,” surreptitiously giving rise to and nourishing two monumental and highly contagious thought forms. This process bears resemblance, on a smaller scale, to the creation of a ‘tulpa’ during a Tibetan llama apprentice’s examination or the development of a ‘servitor’ (a consciously animated thought form) in contemporary chaos magic.

Termed “negative egregors” in occult vernacular, these collectively unconsciously formed entities possess the ability to energetically drain society comprehensively. Their tactic involves maintaining two conflicting groups in a perpetual state of possession driven by a blind survival reflex. This possession manifests as a compulsive emotional and mental reaction between the two groups, fostering angry, relentless inner dialogues within this context. Control is seized entirely, even as those affected vehemently deny it, continuing to label themselves as “awake.” This pervasive phenomenon occurs on a massive scale in two distinct camps, offering an explanation for the myriad instances of profoundly inhumane, illogical, and irrational behavior throughout history. Media editors, acting on behalf of politicians and their mentors—the avaricious philanthropists—systematically stoke these flames by intentionally provoking individuals and pitting them against one another.

The societal energy drain caused by this collective obsession depletes vitality and elevates the likelihood of war due to general orgone depletion. On a smaller scale, one might consider Mantak Chia’s Taoist observation that many violent crimes against women occur immediately after the male perpetrator has ejaculated and experienced temporary orgone depletion. There exists an optimal level of vital energy (orgone, jing-qi) both in our personal lives and within the Earth’s sphere, which should not dip below a certain threshold—a concept elucidated by Wilhelm Reich.

Crucially, there are two key distinctions between an egregor and a tulpa or servitor. Drawing from Alexandra David-Néel’s observations in Tibet, an apprentice llama, as part of training, must create a tulpa—an artificial animated entity whose description aligns with the clairvoyant perception of the llama supervisor. Subsequently, the apprentice must dismantle the entity to prevent it from spiraling out of control. In my workshops and my latest book, MAGUS Vuur & Aarde, I provide extensively tested instructions for creating a servitor—a personal assistant spirit—and guidance on how to navigate its existence. (MAGUS Vuur & Aarde, will be available in English later this year as MAGUS Fire & earth, those interested may send a mail to

An egregor created from folk emotions is an entirely different story. A tulpa and servitor have 3 components: 1. an entity, 2. an entelechy, and 3 an identity. Entity means that this being relates as a unique entity to the time-space energy-consciousness continuum, of which everything is a part. Entelechy is the causa finalis (purpose cause) of a soul, but here the purpose for which the servitor is programmed. Identity is what is linked in servitors to the given name, its form and sigillum (summoning symbol), as well as to the risk of undesirable “self-will behavior,” for which handles have therefore been developed to counteract it. An egregor that arises from political and/or media indoctrinations to trigger e.g. wars, pogroms, mass vaccination or other mass misbehavior, has an entity and an entelechy, but no identity.

These kinds of negative egregors always appear as a duo of seemingly opposing beings. Once these beings are there (and it is amazingly fast), their survival mechanism is phenomenal. They are elusive because they have no identity, just an entelechy and entity, and they have symbiotically related to their contra-egregor from their inception. To put it simply and flatly, neither egregor has an interest in the other egregor languishing, because in doing so, this entity itself also languishes.


The world's sixteen crucified savior by Kersey Graves - revised VAMzzz Publishing edition      Biography of Satan - Kersey Graves - best choice - revised VAMzzz Publishing edition


The Big Secret of Power

The cultivation of negative egregors (as opposed to positive egregors) constitutes half of the real occult power of “the System.” The other half is based on the metaphysical principle that in the time-space energy-consciousness continuum that which stands still and imitates (focuses) the quantum principle of the collapsing wave shapes reality to its will. Modern chaos magic is based entirely on that principle. I also pay extensive attention to it in lesson 1 of my Classical Western Magic workshops because it is the quintessence of all technical forms of magic. It is something that the ruling politicians and the monsters behind it have excelled at. (See the Rockefeller LockStep plan, the 2010 blueprint for the predictive programming of the “covid-crisis” deliberately written in the past tense or former Bush Jr adviser Christian Rove: “Reality is what you say it is!”) Rulers are all characterized by unflinchingly maintaining the biggest lie and “not recognizing” their crimes. They remain like blobs of lead in their position and would be my best students if I did not refuse them. Oppositions anywhere in Europe lack the intelligence and necessary pit bull strategy to seriously parry the big government truck. Democracy, however, will never return anywhere as long as this crucial insight remains a blind spot thanks to so-called “waking up”!


#egregor - Egregors, egregor

Getting rid of the inheritance-egregor is a touch job


Inheritance Egregor

Jean Baudrillard was one of the first thinkers to understand that power politicians since Machiavelli (1469-1527) only function within a simulated reality. Machiavelli emphasized that the subject, citizen, taxpayer must live permanently in a state of fear of the ruler in order to keep them malleable. However, the simulated-reality system has been running for over 2600 years. What has also been running at full speed (simultaneously) for 2600 years is the banning, persecution and replacement, through the correlate of ruler and state religion, of what we might call “open source spirituality. This is why in 600 B.C. they started “culling” all native animistic and polytheistic religions to replace them with religious (read proto-political) monoculture. In its place they put together a brainwashing system wrapped in state religions, based on a formula that makes people quickly susceptible to takeover by negative egregors, by encouraging fear, guilt, dependence, submission and frustration. The “inheritance egregor” was consolidated by the Persians in 600 B.C. and then by Jews (religiously intended), Gnostics, Christians, Muslims and now the Facebook spirituals, through these familiar ingredients:

  • Imperfect world (this concept did not exist before; in the latest versions it is called “the climate problem,” 3D, etc.)
  • Original sin, the so-called cause of that imperfect world (carbon footprint, mortgage debt, antivaxer, climate denial, etc.)
  • End Time/Day of Judgment & Messiah variables, the problem-reaction-solution answer to that: (See Hollywood/Netflix for predictive End Time programming; see Jesus, Trump, Elon Musk and the VAMzzz Publishing revised edition of the book “The Sixteen Crucified Saviors” by Kersey Graves)
  • God the Father: the Goddess was amputated from the divine and spiritual, resulting in 1. the spiritualization of earthly life, 2. a one-sided transcendental interpretation of the term “spiritual” and a cult of anti-vitalism, 3. the denial of natural open source spirituality. The destruction of native religions, the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the witch hunts, the demonization of astrology and the Codex Alimentarius stem from the same source.
  • Diplomatic immunity for rulers: “God” appoints rulers. To criticize that is heresy/conspiracy thinking (“You will own nothing and be happy!”). The “holy – self-fabricated – books” (Bible, Torah, Covid-19: The Great Reset, etc.) mix with jurisprudence and laws in the process.
  • The Devil and Dualism. God is no longer the all-embracing superintelligence that pantheistically subjectivizes itself in every facet of creation between totality and singularity, but is mutilated into a Monty Python-like caricature that is always glaringly absent, while the Devil “sabotages His works” (before this, all spiritual models resembled cyclical yin-yang conceptions of a male transcendent expansive creation flow in correlation with a female chthonic contractive creation flow). See also The Biography of Satan.