Charms: Avoid Injuries and gain Psychic Power


Marie Comtesse was well recognized for her Voodoo power in New Orleans of the late 1800’s. Marie was a very muscular woman with prominent “moon eyes”. She was tied to a good-looking man of dark and white parents, and had two daughters of which she claimed were virgin births.


Comtesse always wore a long purple sarong-like dress and a red headband while conducting her Voodoo rituals. She specialized in hex-breaking and always attracted large crowds to her ceremonies.
To avoid injuries use the following recipe:

  • Sandalwood incense
  • Mystic rites incense
  • Meditation incense
  • Hermes incense
  • Indian Hemp
  • Anise Seed (crushed)
  • Saltpeter
  • Myrtle powder

Thoroughly blend all of the above ingredients in a small bowl and set it aside in a dark place until needed. A little is to be burned every evening before you go to sleep.

This charm is said to allow you visualize all danger areas in your life, and it thereby helps you to foresee potential injuries before they actually happen to you. This charm is a wonderful aid to those who feel they are under the influence of a bad spell or curse.


Julia Jackson: to gain more psychic power

Julia Jackson, or Miss Julia, practiced Voodoo for over 30 years, and was the most powerful and financially successful Voodoo Queen in New Orleans during the 1940’s. She was also one of the most feared and respected for her powers. Although she claimed never to have hexed anyone to death, her nickname was Black Lightning. Julia concocted all her own Voodoo ingredients and never bought them from stores.

  • Rose power ¼ cup
  • Francincense ½ cup
  • Sandalwood incense ½ cup
  • Lavender incense ¾ cup
  • Oris root power ½ cup
  • Winters bark (crushed) 2 teaspoons
  • Rosemary leaves (powdered) 2 teaspoons
  • Stillengea 3 teaspoons


  • Pimento powder 1 teaspoon
  • Saltpeter 2 teaspoons
  • Patchouly powder 1 cup
  • Sage powder ¼ cup
  • Cubeb berries (crushed) ½ cup
  • Winter’s bark (crushed) 1 cup
  • Wood Bettany (crushed) 1 cup
  • Myrrh incense 2 teaspoons
  • Orris powder ½ cup
  • Satyrion powder ½ cup
  • Absinthe ½ cup
  • Saffron 2 teaspoons
  • Sandalwood ⅓ cup

Blend either of the above groups of ingredients in a large bowl. Cover it tightly and set it aside in a cool and dark place until needed. Burn one teaspoon of this mixture on a piece of Bamba Wood Charcoal every night before you go to sleep and keep a small piece of Queens Root under your mattress and a second piece in your pillow case. Each morning light some more of the incense while taking a bath with 9 drops of Attraction Oil. Dry yourself and anoint your body with some Ju-Ju Oil and rub your forehead with Obeah Oil.

This charm, according to Voodoo High Priestess Julia Jackson creates the proper atmosphere for vibratory influences, for a higher degree of psychic ability will surround you at all times. 


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source: Voodoo Charms and Talismans by Robert W. Pelton