Six Axes Astrology: The Secret Kickstart for Beginners in Astrology

Six Axes Astrology by Benjamin Adamah introduces a simple yet innovative system that provides a fresh and comprehensive understanding of how the zodiac truly operates. You may have read about your zodiac sign, which is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of your birth. However, what you probably don’t know is that there is another important aspect to consider. Your opposite zodiac sign represents your unconscious self and has a significant impact on your life.


six axes astrology - benjamin adamah

Six Axes Astrology by Benjamin Adamah is also availableb via, barnes and noble and many local bookstores

The big secret is: this opposite sign wants to be part of your game and can be of great help! If you neglect the qualities and forces, that typify this opposite zodiac sign, they will keep working against you – until you integrate them.


The big mistake

Many people have read about their zodiac sign but few realize the importance of understanding the sign that is opposite to their Sun. By gaining insight into this opposite sign, you can avoid many problems, delays, opposition, and blockages that may arise in your life.

For instance, Aries individuals can improve their chances of success and happiness by integrating the qualities of Libra and vice versa. Similarly, the combination of Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces can benefit from a deeper understanding of their opposite sign.


Get a more harmonious and dynamic life!

By embracing the lessons and traits of these opposite signs, one can attain greater harmony and balance in their life. While most people know their zodiac sign, many still view astrology as a nonsensical superstition. However, there are two reasons for this misconception that I’d like to point out.


Media-horoscopes are fake

Firstly, the horoscopes found in magazines, newspapers, and on astro-tv are not representative of true astrology. As an example, during a period when I was dedicating 18 hours per week to bodybuilding, I once came across a horoscope in a magazine that read: “You really need to get into sports a little more, lazy Taurus!” Such nonsense is never written by serious astrologers.

Additionally, the terms “weekly” or “monthly horoscope” are misnomers as they offer only generalized “forecasts” or phantasies of the person who writes them.

In order to take astrology seriously, a proper analysis must be conducted based on an individual’s birth chart, progressions, solar returns, and current planetary aspects, including asteroids and sensitive points like the Black Moon, Lunar Nodes, etc.


You are not just your “star-sign”

The second cause is far more insidious. When you ask people about their “star sign” (which is also a misnomer as it refers to a sign and not a constellation), they typically respond with statements like “I am a Gemini,” “I am a Virgo,” “I am a Sagittarius,” or “I am a Leo,” etc. What makes this response so problematic?

Well, the position of the Sun (your “I”) at the time of your birth indicates which zodiac sign it was in, but this is just one of many factors that determine your character, being, and individuation process. Your Sun sign is always opposed by the sign that complements its qualities and wants to integrate into your personality. Unfortunately, most people initially perceive this opposing sign as a counter-force.

For example, Libras may view Aries as egoists who always get in their way, Taurians may see Scorpions as only interested in power and manipulation, and Capricorns may find Cancers to be hypersensitive emotional complainers, etc.

This type of thinking stems from a deeply flawed view of reality, the concept of duality. However, duality is a human invention. In astrology and nature, there is no such thing as duality. Just as an artist knows that yellow enhances shades of purple (which opposes yellow on the color-wheel), we must learn to bring together seemingly opposite elements of our birth chart.

Rather than working with only 12 signs, we can focus on the 6 axes of 2 signs each, which complement and reinforce one another. By studying the sign that is opposite to our own, we can gain valuable insights into our character, life, and destiny.

It’s important to note that this approach is often ignored by many astrologers, but it can provide much more workable knowledge than a classic horoscope interpretation. Ultimately, learning to bring these complementary elements into synergy is the key to unlocking the full potential of our birth chart.


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