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VAMzzz Publishing

VAMzzz Publishing is a specialized book publishing house with focus on Magic & Witchcraft, Folklore, New Astrology, Secret Rituals and Societies, Demonology, and related subjects. In addition to publishing new works, we also produce revised and restored versions of historical books that are difficult or impossible to find, or are in poor condition (often these are OCR scans full of unreadable parts).

We set high standards for the reproductions of lost or forgotten books. The text is fully renovated and given a clear layout and a pleasant font. In cases where the original text contains images, such as portraits, maps, or sketches, we take great care to preserve the quality of these illustrations, so that they accurately reflect the original artifact.

Post Scriptum

Our books are written by highly qualified academic researchers or experts in specific areas of esoteric knowledge or occult practice. Most of our revised titles include a Post Scriptum with additional information about the author and/or the subject. By preserving and sharing these works, we can gain deeper insights into our cultural heritage and the rich history of human thought and creativity that preceded us.

Print on Demand is offered for all titles published by VAMzzz Publishing. Books are exclusively printed upon request or in small quantities if needed. This flexible approach allows us to adapt to market demand without incurring unnecessary expenses or excess inventory. Embracing local on-demand book printing is a good solution that proves advantageous for any publisher with an international presence.

Sylvia Carrilho and Benjamin Adamah share a passion for VAMzzz Publishing and are located in the inner city of old Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For inquiries please send us an e-mail. For more background information about Benjamin Adamah, read here…

Occult Blog

In addition to publishing books, VAMzzz Publishing also offers FREE articles on various occult topics, including Afro-American magic, folklore, and New Astrology on our blog. You are welcome to visit our blog and explore these subjects further.