Voodoo Queens and Charms - page 6
New Orleans is famous for its Voodoo Queens since the early 1800’s. In this article famous charm recipes and something about these fascinating women.

Anansi, the Spider God - page 20
One of our most unique VAMzzz publications is Anansi – Jamaican stories of the Spider God by Martha Warren Beckwith. Apart from a Spider God, Anansi became a symbol of freedom and hope for all those people abused as slaves in the Caribbean and Surinam.

Mapuche Cosmology - page 28
A fascinating article about the Mapuche people in Chili and other parts of South America by Paola Bobadilla. Read about their beautiful cosmology and mysticism.

Secrets of the Adder Stone - page 34
Adder stones or hag stones, found under many other Celtic, Germanic names in Northern Europe, were believed to have magical powers and a special relation with snakes and Etruscan witchcraft.

Ophiolatreia – the Snake in Religion - page 38
Ophiolatreia played an important role in Obeah and has a sexual mystique. It is also the title of one of our publications: Ophiolatreia – Rites and Mysteries of Serpent Worship by Hargrave Jenning, in a brand new revised edition.

West African Movie Posters - page 44
Are they just movie posters, bloody works of art, a freekshow or cultural heritage? They are colourful eye candy and completely uncensored…

Don’t try this Cobra at home! - page 54
After anointing herself with a sacred powder, a priestess lures a cobra out of his cave and then kisses his head three times to prove her domination over the dangerous creature...

Magical Avalon - page 70
The Red and White steam as a symbol for the human and the Faery world, how the two intermingle and what Merlin’s chess has to do with it. An inspiring article by Mike Bais.

The Mandrake - page 80
Mandrakes with their psychotropic effects belong to the classic witch herbs. About the folklore and magic of this plant, including information based on experiment of the Berlin magician H.E. Douval (pseudonym of Herbert Döhren – 1906-1975).

African Rooted Religion & Magic - page 90
A most complete overview of spirituality and magic in Louisiana, the Carribean and Brasil. About Different Voodoo traditions, Hoodoo, Obeah, Palo (Majombe), Santeria, Umbanda, Candomle Jeje and Quimbanda.  

Azizaa, Black Magic Woman - page 108
A portrait of the multi-talented Ghanese singer and artist/designer Azizaa. She calls for a courageous stand up against Big Business Christianity in Ghana and promotes the awareness and revival of original African spirituality.

Voodoo Amulets and their Loas - page 118
A small collection of Voodoo sigils used to create talismans. The sigils are presented in combination with the Loas presiding over them.

De Asteroïden-gids (voorpublicatie) - page 126
Voorpublicatie van het eerste uitgebreide boek over de werking en betekenis van 500 asteroïden, Centaurs, Kuiper-belt-objecten e.a.. Verschijnt naar verwachting eind januari bij VAMzzz Publishing.

Trump & asteroid Ohno - page 134
Whether Donald or Hillary had become president, half of the USA would have remained in the Oh no!-mood for weeks. This bilingual article is about the remarkable position of asteroid Ohno in the horoscopes of the USA, Trump and rival Hillary.

PAN 02

In Greek religion and mythology, PAN, the companion of the nymphs, is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, wild mountains and rustic music. He has the hindquarters, legs and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. He is also recognized as the god of fields, groves and wooded glens; connected to fertility, the joy of life itself and the season of spring.

Though a mortal god in antiquity and an underground witch-god in medieval times, the last decades PAN has become a patron of both modern occultism, Wicca, paganism and the green guerilla – enthroned again as the one and only God of the Earth and Nature. PAN is the vibe touching those who refuse to become part of a machine, and who remain loyal to Mother Nature, the visible and hidden one. Therefore PAN is the most suitable icon we could chose for this periodical.


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