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VAMzzz Magazine is injecting a different and positive vibe in a world that is daily becoming harsher and more hostile to free individual expression.

VAMzzz Magazine is about art, sex, love and the dynamics of our “Zeitgeist”. VAMzzz agitates against patronizing and seeks the beauty in every person.

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VAMzzz 06:
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Street Culture: Dancewalk Amsterdam, Sexuality: Bondage Special, Transition: Wilhelm Reich, Festival: Elfia, Transition: More Than Honey, Column: Niet de multi-multi orgastische vrouw en 6 soorten baardwax, Paganism: The Demonization of PAN, Art: Bestami Egi, Health: Slapen met DOOOZz ondanks de Wi-Fi, Photography: VAMzzzterdam, Sexuality: My Vagina Smells Like Shame, Photography: Maria J. Campos, Art: Tom of Finland, Book selection: Crones Don't Whine, Photography: Gog & Magog, Art: Ardhaneswara, Paganism: Rosaleen Norton, Art: Kamiel Proost, Health: Coconut Oil, Photography: Snail Love, ADzzz, Poetry and more...

VAMzzz 05:
Read Full Edition for Free (144 pages)

Art: Sandra Torralba, Culture: Ama, The Diving Mermaids of Japan, Coming soon: Classic Erotic Art Special LUST, Health: Cacao vs Cocoa, Transition: Horoscope 2014, Health: Artemisinin, Rebel: Anaia Nin, Transition: Seeds of Freedom, Poetry: Allen Ginsberg, Sacred Sex: Who is The Goddess?, Art: Winterscapes, Photography: VAMzzzTERDAM, Movie review: Nymphomaniac, Transition: Howard Zinn, Art: Ganesha Landart: Jorge Rodriquez-Gerada, Health: Bras are useless, Column: To boldly spy where no one has spied before, and more...

VAMzzz 04:
Read Full Edition for Free (164 pages)

Art: Rimel Neffati, Folklore: Why did witches want to ride their broomsticks?, Interview: Shinata Sangha, Sacred Sex & Occultism: The life and spiritual sex magic of Dion Fortune, Photography: Lars van de Goor and The Poetry of Nature, Transition: The modern use of Cannabis, Rebel: Tupac Shakur, Poetry: Pierre Louÿs, Transition: Bhutan to be world's first 100% organic country, Tattoos: Aloë Waya Ayee, Erotic Art: Henry Fuseli, VAMzzzterdam: Central Station, Folklore: Black Cat superstitions, Graffiti and Streetart, Poetry: Kundalini Nature: Murmurations, Transition: Start a Seedbank, Poetry: Ethel Archer, Collage: Black Cats, things you need and more...

VAMzzz 03:
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Art: Heidi Systo, Art: Men-ups, Times of Transition: Guerrilla Gardening, Transgender: Sophia Abella, Photography: VAMzzzterdam, Fashion: Zuss Fashion, Sex: Pegging, Sacred Sex: Sex To Spirit, Poetry: Pan, Grumble: Grumpy Cat, Art: The Satyr, Graffiti and Streetart, Sacred Sex: Tantric 'Sluts' or Living Goddesses, Poetry: Francisco Goya Irritations, Nature: Pink Starfish, Art: Joaquin Sorolla, Sacred Sex: The Sex God, Collage: Nymphs, and more...

VAMzzz 02:
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(144 pages)

Art: Ana Alvarez-Errecalde, Transition: Act of The Rights of Mother Earth, Art: Norman Lindsay, Sacred Sex: Alex Vartman, Art: Derek Gores, Graffiti: Groningen / Amsterdam, Love: Shiva ~ Shakti, New Health: Earthing, Music: Trammps, Nature: Pink Dolphin, Poetry: Love versus Oneness, Nature: Plants can talk to eachother, Photography: VAMzzzterdam, New Health: Robuste, Music: Kareem Raïhani, Photography: Rivelino M. Sellier, Sacred: Serpent Worship, Art: Marina Abramovic, Collage: Mermaids, and more...

VAMzzz 01:
Read Full Edition for Free (146 pages)

Art: Liane Pagie, Graffiti: Big is Better, Art: Joseph Meloy, Art: William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Sacred Sex: The Nectar of The Goddess, Poetry: Henry Rollins, Photography: VAMzzzterdam, Transition: Vamachara Essentials, Poetry: White Egg Downfall, New Health: Vaccination, Transition: Hopi Elder Prophecy, Collage: Swing & Dont's Forget to Play, Chinese Art: Quentin Shih, Tattoos: Jonathan, and more..