The History of the Devils of Loudun, After the Original Report of 1634, translator Edmund Goldschmid


The History of the Devils of Loudun

‘They threw themselves back till their heads touched their feet, and walked in this position with wonderful rapidity, and for a long time. They uttered: cries so horrible and so loud that nothing like it was ever heard before; they made use of expressions so indecent as to shame the most debauched of men, while their acts, both in exposing themselves and inviting lewd behaviour from those present, would have astonished the inmates of the lowest brothel in the country.’

With The History of the Devils of Loudun, VAMzzz Publishing presents a revised edition of the – three volumes in one – original account of this historic case of mass possession. Seventeen Ursuline Nuns were taken over by demons and went into a sexual and blasphemous state of hysteria for years. The work also describes the trial of a womanizing local priest named Father Urbain Grandier, who was accused of summoning these demons by ‘throwing a bunch of roses over the convent wall’. Amidst a web of jealousy and political intrigues, he was eventually convicted of crimes of witchcraft, and burned at the stake on August 18, 1634. Ironically, after this work was first published in France in 1634, and Grandier had died, the possessions of the nuns continued for another three more years…


About Urbain Grandier

Urbain Grandier (born 1590 in Bouère – died 18 August 1634 in Loudun) was a French Catholic priest who was burned at the stake after being convicted of witchcraft, following the events of the Loudun Possessions. Urbain Grandier was appointed parish priest of St-Pierre-du-Marché in Loudun, a town in Poitou, France, in 1617. He was considered to be a very good-looking man, and was both wealthy and well-educated. This combination made the priest a target for the attention of girls in Loudun, including the nuns. Ignoring his vow of celibacy, he is known to have had sexual relationships with a number of women and to have acquired a reputation as a philanderer, leaving a trail of jealous women behind with dangerous loose ends. He also wrote a book attacking the discipline of clerical celibacy.

Read more about Urbain Grandier in the Post Scriptum of The History of the Devils of Loudun.